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What to Look Forward to...

  • Optimizing Your Page

    This course takes you from a beginner to an expert. The first step is to make your business Facebook page into a money making machine.

  • Targeting Ads

    With so many people on Facebook, it can be difficult to make sure only the right customers see your ads. We will show you exactly how we target ads

  • Creating Ads

    We will take you through our process of making the content for your ads. You don't have to be a designer to make great ads, we will prove it to you and show you how!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to the course!
    • How to use this course
  • 2
    Unit 1: Getting Started
    • Lesson 1: Setting up Your Facebook Page
    • Lesson 2: Optimizing Your Facebook Page
    • Lesson 3: Creating Your Logo
    • Lesson 4: Setting Up Your Facebook Business Account
    • Lesson 5: Facebook Business Walkthrough
    • Lesson 6: Installing Your Facebook Pixel
    • Install Your Facebook Pixel PDF
  • 3
    Unit 2: Creating Campaigns
    • Lesson 1: Terminology
    • Lesson 2: Audience Insights
    • Lesson 3: Creating a Campaign
    • Lesson 4: Targeting & Placement
    • Lesson 5: Copy Writing
    • Our Strategy to Test Ads on a Budget
    • Lesson 6: Checking Your Statistics
  • 4
    Unit 3: Creating Ads
    • Lesson 1: Finding Inspiration
    • Lesson 2: Using Canva & Design Tips
  • 5
    • (Tips & Strategies) Scaling Adsets

Pricing options

Explain how different pricing options might be valuable to different segments of your audience.